Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fall Comfort Food

Okay- since I do not get around to posting all that regularly, I might as well make it good, right? I got this FABO! recipe from some teachers at school and I ran right out and got the ingredients and made it that night! It was excellent and worth sharing and VERY EASY! Enjoy!

Southern Chicken and Dumplins'

3 cans of Buttermilk Biscuits (the 8 oz size)
3 cans of Campbells Cream of Chicken Soup (I used the Healthy Request)
4 cups of water (you will have to add more later as it gets thicker)
6 cooked and chopped chicken breasts
1 cup of chopped onion
salt and pepper to taste

Okay, here's what you do. Cook your chicken breasts in your crock pot on high until done, say two to three hours. Take them out and shred them. Then cut into quarters your biscuits and add them and the soups with the four cups of water to the crock pot, reserving chicken for later. Let this cook for a couple of hours on high stirring every 20 mins or so. 20 mins before serving, add your chicken and add more water as needed to get it the consistency you desire. This is so good served with a green salad and some fresh bread and butter for a great Fall Dinner!