Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Top Ten Fav Things

I have been thinking a lot about these tough economic times and how people are finding the joy in everyday things. The little things, you might say, really do bring people a lot of happiness and joy. You simply have to know where to look for it, and how to be Thankful in all things. I love many things and I am a passionate person. I love finding the joy in the small, everyday blessings of Life. I thought I would put "My Top Ten" on Paper. (or Blog as the case may be!) Who knows? My list may inspire you to start that Gratitude Journal you've been meaning to start working on. Wasn't that one of your New Year's Resolutions? I bet that you have many things to be thankful for! Not all of them have to cost you so much money!

My Top Ten Favorite Simple Things

1. A hot cup of coffee!
2. Children who get ready for school without fussing, whining, or complaining.
3. finding that my favorite pair of jeans are NOT in the Dirty Clothes Basket!
4. a unexpected phone call from a friend-just calling to say "hi"
5. getting the short line at the grocery
6. watching my children participate in something that they TRULY LOVE DOING
7. when my Hubby folds the four loads of laundry I had been meaning to get to
8. the smell of my children's hair after their showers
9. my husband's love notes
10. a bubble bath, fav pj's, a good candle and a heated bed! (ok- that was 4-in-one!)

This is my list. What's your's? God is so good and has blessed us abundantly! We do not have to look far to see his riches and grace sprinkled all through our lives. Enjoy the things he has put in your life. Remember to Thank him for it.

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TNkaderabecks said...

Oh my Shannon I have so many simple pleasures in life it is hard to pick but I think these are my favorite:

Hugging someone and truly being hugged back.

Sitting in the warm house hearing the cold rain hit the roof.

The sweet smell of a baby after the bath.

Laughing during dinner with my goofy family.

Busting into song in the car with my kids and hoping someone in another car sees our silliness and it makes them smile.

Feeling my child's breath on my skin as they sleep or cuddle in my arms.

Being still and silent alone just before falling asleep!

I love you Ms Shannon and thank you for having me think of these things. I am so blessed and feel so warm inside right now thinking of the free thinks in life that complete "stuff" has ever made me as happy as the things I mentioned above!